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Mesmerising Mexico City

I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico. I adore Frida Kahlo and could easily live off a Mexican cuisine so when the opportunity came to have a stop over in Mexico City from Colombia to London it was a no brainer. I knew a two day stop over wouldn’t really cut it for this city so we opted for 7 days and I’m so glad that I spent that amount of time there as it so huge and there is so much to do. 

Of course, after 7 days we barely scratched the surface and I’d love to go back and explore more some time soon. 

We arrived into Mexico City from Bogota, Colombia late in the evening and straight away it was not good vibes from Mexico. We got questioned a lot upon arrival and then when we finally got through my bag arrived but Dan’s didn’t. Luckily most of our valuables were carry on but Dan had all of our knick knacks and souvenirs we have picked up over the past six months in South America so we were upset that perhaps we wouldn’t see these things again. The ground staff told us that bags went missing from Bogota all the time and not to worry it would be back in a few days. We weren’t hopeful to say the least. 

We grabbed a taxi and went to our hostel which was located right in the Plaza Mayor Zocalo. The hostel was brand new and only had a few other guests staying so although we had booked into a dorm room we had it to ourselves for the majority of our stay which was great. 

Even though it was late we were eager to get out and see Mexico City and try to find some food. Most things were closed but we managed to find a cute little restaurant playing NFL on the TV so Dan was happy and I ordered some frijoles, guac, nachos, tacos and quesadillas. Already I knew it was going to be a great week. 

Mueso del Templo Mayor

The following day we went to a nearby museum that was connected to the main square. There were ruins outside that you could walk around before entering the museum to see incredible old artefacts from the Mayan times. 

The museum was absolutely brilliant, it was full of incredible artefacts from hundreds of years ago. Old pots, jewellery , ornaments and gifts that are given to Gods. 

The museum was fascinating and I really enjoyed it for the couple of hours we were in there. 

Taquero eating

Lunchtime in Mexico City was bustling, all of the workers head out to the nearest Taquero and eat up some of Mexico’s best food. Mexican food as we know it isn’t exactly the same in Mexico City so we just asked the chef to give us his recommendations. 

At this point I had gone vegetarian (my last days before I went vegan) and everywhere we ate had plenty of vege options. 

Market shopping

The markets in Mexico City were great, I was of course after some skeleton knick knacks as well as other bits and bobs and we looked no further than La Ciudadela. It was filled with all the traditional Mexican skulls and skeletons as well as Mayan art, beautiful rugs, cushions, clothing, plates and lots of other amazing stuff that we just couldn’t fit in our bags. 


This archaeological  site is a must visit if you are in Mexico City. A UNESCO world heritage site that is estimated to have been inhabited between the 1st and 5th century. 

We booked a day trip through the hostel and like all day trips they usually consist of visiting several locations to get you to buy something before going to the main event and this one was no different. Although it wasn’t all bad as we stopped off at a tequila farm and had many free samples! 

We finally arrived at the Teotihuacan site and after a lengthy description and history from our over enthusiastic guide we finally got to head inside and see the huge pyramids. 

We headed straight for the biggest pyramid where it looked as though ants were descending as it was so crowded. On the way up and at the top the view was spectacular and it was great to get a scale of the whole area. It was huge! 

We walked down and through the avenue of the dead which was made up on a series of smaller pyramids before ending up at the second largest pyramid. Again, the view was just breath taking and we just sat back and took it all in for about half an hour. 

This ancient site is still a bit of a mystery, they don’t really know who built them. It is well worth the day trip and such a fascinating place. 

Roma and Condesa

These are two hip and cool neighbourhoods in Mexico City. Great places to just stroll around and see what life is like for a local. Lots of great bars, restaurants, book shops and parks. 


This was the part of Mexico City I was dying to get to, Frida Kahlo’s neighbourhood where she spent the majority of her life. I was beyond excited to visit her home which has now been turned into a museum and visit the artsy neighbourhood. 

But of course ever the non planner the museum was closed but it wasn’t a total loss as we just strolled around the beautifully decorated neighbourhood. All of the houses are painted different colours and the streets were all lovely. 

We went back the next day to visit the museum, I will cover this again in another post but I have to say it was an absolute dream come true to visit her house and be amongst her things and her original art work. 

All of her belongings had been locked away in a bathroom for many many years in the house and were only uncovered recently. It was truly amazing to see her avant garde clothing, her paint brushes, her bedroom and of course her beautiful art work.

The actual house was just a pleasure to be in as well, beautifully resorted and a calm oasis in such a busy city. We spent most of the day there just enjoying every moment.

Lucho Libre wrestling 

We finished off our time in Mexico and in fact the whole world tour laughing our assess off at Lucho Libre wrestling! 

It was so funny and silly to watch. Each entrance from the wrestlers got more and more elaborate as did the outfits. It was a hilarious night and just the most wonderful way to finish a truly awesome week in Mexico. 


Like any major city in Central and South America (or anywhere in the world to be honest) there is of course crime but Mexico City does not feature on the top 50 most dangerous cities in the world. Yes, Mexico is dangerous in many parts due to cartels but Mexico City felt incredibly safe. We walked a lot and caught the metro almost everywhere.

We did have one brush with safety at our hostel but luckily nothing got stolen. One of the days we were there, locks were being changed on the dorm room doors, this information was obviously fed to a group of thieves as when we returned from a day out it was clear our room and bags had been ransacked.

Most of our belongings had been locked away in lockers but we had one bag with just laundry that had been left out. Our neighbours weren’t so lucky, they had cash and passports stolen.

On the last week of an entire years journey it would have been awful if our stuff had been taken but after a year of travel we learnt you can’t be too careful anywhere. 

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