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My Australian roadtrip wishlist

In case you didn’t realise, Australia is a big country so when any traveller says ‘road trip’, what we really mean is let’s check used car prices on Gumtree because it’s the only way to really see what we want without paying over the top costs for a tour or a simple flight from A to B on some awful budget airline that will probably cancel our flight when we get to the airport.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll know my heart and soul live on the coast.  After spending the first four years of my life on an island before spending the next 24 living within 10 minutes of 7 different beaches, the ocean and living next to it is at the very core of who I am.  I get such a yearning for the oceanic horizon that when I was living in rural Victoria, on visiting Melbourne, one particular friend of mine would always take me to the beach to get my ‘fix’.

And given that 98% of Australians live on the coast, I would have to agree that it’s one stunning place to be and there is so much I want to explore…

Perth to Exmouth

In total it’s about a 14 hour drive between the two though I’d spread it over a week or so.  Why?  Because Perth is the only true city in Western Australia and though you could argue that every city is the same, it’s a good place to start exploring.  And the drive to Exmouth?  Well that’s filled with a whole host of goodies several national parks are a good place to start!  Not only that but the great Monkey Mia Bay is on your way which means an obligatory stop to interact with the wild dolphins that come into the bay each morning.  But the real reason I want to do the roadtrip and finish in Exmouth?  Because, if you time it right, you can dive the Ningaloo Reef and see whale sharks and there is even an opportunity to microlight over the reef which looks simply jaw-dropping.

Cairns to Fraser Island

I would think this is obvious?  It’s another coastal route but there is so much to see and do.  Whether it’s all the fun rainforest activities such as ziplining or taking in the stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands, there’s a reason why the East Coast route is the most popular for travellers here – there’s something for everything.  Whether you’re a diver or a photography addict always looking for the next view to snapshot, there isn’t much that you can’t see and do.  I’d love to 4×4 over Fraser Island, sail the Whitsundays (on a nice adult boat – not one that promotes drinking and sex!) and dive the Great Barrier Reef from a gorgeous vantage point such as Lady Heron Island.  My ‘to do’ list is endless for this roadtrip!


I don’t know much about Tasmania other than, from all the photos I’ve seen and people I have spoken to, it’s incredibly underrated and that it has everything to offer from wilderness, hikes (I’ll force myself to complete these for the photographic opportunities) to amazing viewpoints over-looking the ocean.  I want to explore a place that so few put on their Australian itinerary and let it amaze me.

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