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The Day-to-Day: Prague

Since I moved to Prague I found it quite difficult to find a job in the field I used to work in back in the UK. I was a marketing manager in the travel industry and to find a similar job here I have to speak Czech so I currently don’t work. My day starts normally around 9am (sometimes later depending on how lazy I am feeling!). I normally get up and immediately switch my laptop on and eat my breakfast while I scroll through my social media sites reading all my updates.I have recently started freelancing as a travel writer so I spend most of my days researching and writing about travel or updating my own personal blog. If I have quiet days I like to head out into the city centre which is right on my front door and explore Prague, often meeting friends for lunch or wandering the streets. It’s a beautiful city with plenty of nooks and crannies to discover and keep me busy!

Posing in front of the Lennon Wall in Prague

I definitely have a lot more free time since moving to Prague. My life in London revolved around tube strikes, train delays, shopping for dinner, eating and sleeping (repeat)….In Prague I have more free time to enjoy with my boyfriend. I also have time to read more books, listen to music, hang out in cafes and go to church every Sunday which we never had time to do in London. We also have a lot more disposable cash so on weekends we go out more than we ever did in London.

I really enjoy being pampered every now and then so since I moved to Prague I often go every 10 days to get my nails done – something that used to cost a small fortune in London and would take forever. Here in Prague it is affordable to have it done on a regular basis, as is having my hair colored and indulging in a massage or two!

As mentioned above I don’t work per say….I am a full time travel blogger and freelance writer so my work fluctuates on a weekly basis. Sometimes I am so busy I am up until the early hours of the morning writing, and other days I can sleep in until midday and spend all day watching TV if I wanted to.

Prague is incredible, but it can also be frustrating. I love historic buildings with stories to tell and Prague has a range of towers, palaces and churches with interesting history and stories behind them. However, being a very smiley and happy bubbly person one of the biggest things I find frustrating is the severe lack of customer service that you get in super markets, cafes, restaurants…by all means it’s not everyone but I think a smile and being helpful goes a long way and it just doesn’t happen so much here….

Meal times here are pretty much similar to most of Europe. Most people take lunch round midday and have dinner quite early at 6pm.It took me awhile to get used to this as I would always have a later breakfast around 10am, lunch around 2pm and dinner about 8pm….although you can always find plenty of dishes for dinner in restaurants you have to have lunch when the locals do. I have found that having lunch any later then 1.30 and you struggle to find any of the lunch menu dishes left! Since it is fairly cheap to eat out in Prague (if you avoid touristy places) we eat out a lot, often meeting friends for lunch or dinner although we also like to cook at home. My boyfriend is a killer Italian chef so I enjoy eating at home together too….we even throw dinner parties occasionally with a large group of friends.

Eating traditional trdelník pastries in Prague’s Old Town Square

Aside from the occasional night out with friends for dinner or drinks or a very occasional trip to the cinema most of my nights are spent at home with my boyfriend. We normally have dinner and then watch a movie every night. We don’t have cable tv and the normal tv is in Czech so we mostly watch films. With a collection of over 600 and growing we have plenty to pick from.

I have found making new friends here fairly difficult with the language barrier however I have made some very good friends though my boyfriend’s colleagues and through the church I attend. There are a few expat groups that get together weekly but I have found that most of them are a lot older than me so we struggle to find things in common. I try to keep in touch with all my friends back home and a few have even been out to visit me which was great!

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