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Visiting Frida Kahlo’s home – Mexico City

Mexico City was always supposed to be just a stop over on our way home from South America but when a flight came up via Mexico City with the chance to put in a stop over we thought why not?

It also helped that one of my friends had recently been there and absolutely raved about it and she sold me on it by telling me how great Frida Kahlo’s home was to visit.

We ventured to the beautiful neighbourhood of Coyacan in Mexico City on the metro and easily found her house. Upon arrival there was already a huge queue, it was to be expected but still annoying. The Museum cost around £10 or $230 Mexican dollars which was very reasonable. You have to pay extra if you want to take photos inside the house of her art work and you will then be presented with a big yellow stick to wear.

The house is Frida Kahlo’s family home and also where she and Diego Riveria lived together on and off. They together chose to turn the house into a museum after her death to give her art works back to the people of Mexico.

The house is completely surrounded by giant blue walls built for when Frida and Diego took in Leon Trotsky to protect him from assassination from Stalin. The area is mainly the garden with a series of small rooms around the perimeter of the section.

The first part of the museum was a most surprising collection of Frida’s old dresses that had been locked in a bathroom for many many year before only being discovered in 2004. Diego had instructed his closest friend and curator of the museum not to open the bathroom for a number of years. Inside were photos, writing and lots of clothes which are now all on display.

Other rooms in the museum were Frida’s painting room complete with her easel, paints and shelves with personal items. Her bedroom where she spent the majority of her life, especially after her accident as a teenager.

Other bedrooms, kitchens and the outdoor area were just so interesting to stroll around. As both Frida and Diego were art collectors it is an eclectic mix they shared.

There were many of her famous self portraits and even a pair of Deigo’s overalls.

After we had walked through the whole house we just wandered around the gardens, there were documentaries showing Frida’s life and had many images from her time at the home.

Like every good museum there is a wonderful gift shop filled with some great little Frida trinkets. I did my usual post card haul and have since framed them and put them on my wall at home.

I absolutely loved visiting this beautifully put together museum and if you are in Mexico City you must go!

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